About Joseph

Joseph is committed to offering opportunities for people to make a deeper connection to what is real and true and alive within themselves, to develop the capacity to be authentic and create healthy relationships with others, and to form a more intimate relationship with the natural world.

In his forty years of devotion to a spiritual journey and inner work he has striven for a sense of wholeness and balance in body, mind, emotion and spirit. He has met many teachers and gained many tools and practices.

In service to creating wholeness and balance he offers individual and couples counseling, Biography Work, classes and workshops*, the True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensive Retreat, the Desert Solo Experience  (a Vision Quest), and Spacial Dynamics Movement Education.

When one is having difficulties with life what invariably shows up is a lack of the direct knowing of who you really are. There are usually wounds from the past that have been kept hidden and an unwillingness to face and accept all the ways that you are and how you interact with others. In our work we will always be leaning toward realizing who you really are and learning to integrate, and not deny, overlook or push away, all the pieces of yourself (the Beauty and the Beast!) including the uncomfortable feelings from old woundings. You will be asked to develop the courage to stand in the truth of how it is. You will be supported in this.

Sometimes what is wanted is individual counseling for help in dealing with some specific issue. This may include Biography Work to get a new perspective. To be truly met, seen and understood by another person is a great gift and a huge relief. Joseph creates a space by his attentive listening and questioning for you to discover what is true for you and what you really want. He will offer whatever tool or practice that might be helpful. There is magic in two people working together.

Sometimes help is needed to bridge the gap that exists between two people living or working together. Communication skills are taught and practiced.

The True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensive Retreat is a masterful process, combining communication with meditation, for creating the possibility of having a direct knowing of the Truth of one’s essential Being. With this direct knowing our life becomes new and from then on we always have access to that ‘light seed grain inside.’ In addition, the direct contact with many different people tends to improve our ability to relate in an honest and authentic way and to make us more available and capable of love and connection.

The Desert Solo Experience is a wonderful way to strip away all the inessential stuff of daily life and come face to face with the naked truth of oneself and one’s relationship with the natural world. Many people find a sweet acceptance and love for themselves and gain insights and inspirations to live life more fully. And the way they enter into nature and nature enters into them, changes them.

People who have worked with Joseph have reported:

  • Being able to pursue their goals with renewed passion
  • Being able to communicate more honestly and completely with their partner
  • Improved relationships with others
  • Learning to know, accept and express themselves more fully
  • Increased clarity regarding their situation and a resultant feeling of relief
  • A sense of being understood and supported in a way they have never experienced before
  • An increased understanding and acceptance of the soul’s journey and a renewed strength in traveling it
  • Better able to understand and deal with their teenaged children
  • Better able to communicate with colleagues
  • More peace and inner balance from meditative exercises
  • Being able to finally forgive and move forward

*He has offered classes and workshops in the Dyad Communication Process, Couple’s Relationship, Living with Adolescents, Biography Work, Meditation and Inner Work Practices, Working with the Shadow and Spacial Dynamics Movement.

Finding the right person to work with is everything. Please spend a little time reading other pages in this website to get more of a sense of who I am and to learn about what I am offering. Feel free to call if you have questions or to help you to determine if we might work together. Thank you.