Next True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensive April 18-22, 2024

True Heart/True Mind Enlightenment Intensive Retreat in San Diego Area (April 18-22, 2024)

The Intensive will be held in the high desert at the beautiful Manzanita Village Retreat Center in Warner Springs, CA. 92086

Offered by: Joseph Rubano with Kate Feeley, Kamakshi and Christy as his trusty and indispensable monitors, with Monica in the kitchen. Since 1985 I have been involved in over 60 Intensives and have mastered 30 in the last 15 years.

Where else do people meet like this — directly, simply, whispering secrets, looking behind the mask, willing to come out of hiding, willing to see and be seen, to be fully and completely who and how you are? Who are you really? What are you anyway?

In this wild time that we live in, where the ground beneath us is always shifting, by meeting like this we are creating a new ground in the field of our hearts.

Come be part of this ever new, never finished, ground-making work.

The True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensive Retreat  —  is a modern day Initiation process;  intended to awaken in the participant an unobstructed view into the way things are; to somehow come to sense/know, beyond our common way of thinking and perceiving, the vast field of awareness and love that is our home and true nature. In this Initiation, the Mystery Center is not a building or a place; it is continually being created within the space of meeting, by the very substance of meeting of one human being with another. It is a journey of self-discovery that a group of people goes on together. Tell me Who you are.Tell me What you are.

Cost: Sliding Scale — $675 – $925** Includes meals (delicious vegetarian), lodging, Monday morning integration and tuition. Non-refundable $200 deposit required to hold a space. Space is limited. Register early.

Contact: Joseph Rubano at 760-576-7573,
Go to to read more about the Enlightenment Intensive
**If money is not an issue, pay the higher amount; it really helps. If money is an issue, talk to me, we can work something out. Payment plan available.

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Fooling Myself

So what’s wrong with fooling myself?
I believe in light
Inner light
A smile
Belief is a feeling
I believe
I Be Alive
In Light
Doesn’t all mental chatter
Dissolve in the Light?
In a smile?
For an instant?
Isn’t that enough?
Am I fooling myself?
This self
Tell me what that is?
Am I a fool to believe in ‘my’?
What kind of fool believes in ‘my self’?
Take it away for a moment. Imagine no ‘myself’
Imagine starlight
that belongs to no one.

There is light outside my window
Sun light shines on palm leaves
On telephone wires
Off of windows, the chrome on cars
And from puddles
in the street
after yesterday’s rain
The Light after the storm
Always it is the Light
that shines
After any storm.
The light.

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Go To The Edges

There is a Self you can find
by going inside.
But don’t go only there.
Go to the edges,
stretch it thin like the skin of a drum.
Give up making only dull thuds
Give yourself up to singing.
Go to the edges
thin like the strings of a lute
where whatever you know begins to vibrate
begins to dissolve into laughter —
crazy and bizarre, mindless laughter
begins to dissolve into fears and tears
at the edges
there is a wild witch waiting to be released
waiting to twist the crooked finger
of your being into shape.
There is a lover who yearns to burn to the edge
where the sweet juices rise
and eyes blossom into light.
To the edges
where the unknown world of the other
waits to greet you and welcome you home.
Don’t worry if there is no tea and cookies.
Don’t worry if there is tea and cookies.
Go to the edges
where a dessert you never imagined
is longing for your tongue.

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Make Believe

Make Believe

It is all make believe
My unhappiness I mean
Probably yours too
The one making me unhappy
does not exist — not the way I think
There is no body who doesn’t want to help
No one taking pieces of dried bread
or stealing oranges from small trees
No one feeling the pain of loss
or the upset of not having
That inner gripping, clutching
That soul disturbance —
There is no Other doing anything to you.
Just sit there
Feel it all
Do not move
Do not move
In that unmoving, listen, breathe, feel
You will want to move — don’t
You will start to move — stop
Breathe, listen, feel
A gripping
A letting go
Letting go
A hint of a tear
A hint of a smile
the revealing True
In the gaps
The split seconds
of falling away

The rest
is make-believe.

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Friend by Friend


Who is my mother,
Who my father,
When I am being created
friend by friend?

I don’t remember who I was without you.
We have been tending sacred fires
for a long time
We are wanderers, drawn by the light
of those fires.

Surrounded by darkness,
Emerging out of darkness,
We enter into the sacred ceremony
of each other’s life.

We sing, we dance,
Humbled by the power
Of each other’s presence
we pray.
We become prayers for each other.
We sing praises to each other.
And breath by breath, thought by thought,
touch by touch,
Music rises between us.

What I was, I am no longer.
Shaking with hope, yielding to your hands
I stand trembling before you.

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