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Next True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensive April 18-22, 2024

True Heart/True Mind Enlightenment Intensive Retreat in San Diego Area (April 18-22, 2024) The Intensive will be held in the high desert at the beautiful Manzanita Village Retreat Center in Warner Springs, CA. 92086 Offered by: Joseph Rubano with Kate … Continue reading

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Fooling Myself

So what’s wrong with fooling myself?I believe in lightInner lightA smileBelief is a feelingI believeI Be AliveIn LightDoesn’t all mental chatterAngstNegativityDissolve in the Light?In a smile?For an instant?Isn’t that enough?Am I fooling myself?This self‘My’Tell me what that is?Am I a … Continue reading

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Go To The Edges

There is a Self you can findby going inside.But don’t go only there.Go to the edges,stretch it thin like the skin of a drum.Give up making only dull thudsGive yourself up to singing.Go to the edgesthin like the strings of … Continue reading

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Make Believe

Make Believe It is all make believeMy unhappiness I meanProbably yours tooThe one making me unhappydoes not exist — not the way I thinkThere is no body who doesn’t want to helpNo one taking pieces of dried breador stealing oranges … Continue reading

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Friend by Friend

FRIEND BY FRIEND Who is my mother, Who my father, When I am being created friend by friend? I don’t remember who I was without you. We have been tending sacred fires for a long time We are wanderers, drawn … Continue reading

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