Make Believe

Make Believe

It is all make believe
My unhappiness I mean
Probably yours too
The one making me unhappy
does not exist — not the way I think
There is no body who doesn’t want to help
No one taking pieces of dried bread
or stealing oranges from small trees
No one feeling the pain of loss
or the upset of not having
That inner gripping, clutching
That soul disturbance —
There is no Other doing anything to you.
Just sit there
Feel it all
Do not move
Do not move
In that unmoving, listen, breathe, feel
You will want to move — don’t
You will start to move — stop
Breathe, listen, feel
A gripping
A letting go
Letting go
A hint of a tear
A hint of a smile
the revealing True
In the gaps
The split seconds
of falling away

The rest
is make-believe.

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