Fooling Myself

So what’s wrong with fooling myself?
I believe in light
Inner light
A smile
Belief is a feeling
I believe
I Be Alive
In Light
Doesn’t all mental chatter
Dissolve in the Light?
In a smile?
For an instant?
Isn’t that enough?
Am I fooling myself?
This self
Tell me what that is?
Am I a fool to believe in ‘my’?
What kind of fool believes in ‘my self’?
Take it away for a moment. Imagine no ‘myself’
Imagine starlight
that belongs to no one.

There is light outside my window
Sun light shines on palm leaves
On telephone wires
Off of windows, the chrome on cars
And from puddles
in the street
after yesterday’s rain
The Light after the storm
Always it is the Light
that shines
After any storm.
The light.

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