Go To The Edges

There is a Self you can find
by going inside.
But don’t go only there.
Go to the edges,
stretch it thin like the skin of a drum.
Give up making only dull thuds
Give yourself up to singing.
Go to the edges
thin like the strings of a lute
where whatever you know begins to vibrate
begins to dissolve into laughter —
crazy and bizarre, mindless laughter
begins to dissolve into fears and tears
at the edges
there is a wild witch waiting to be released
waiting to twist the crooked finger
of your being into shape.
There is a lover who yearns to burn to the edge
where the sweet juices rise
and eyes blossom into light.
To the edges
where the unknown world of the other
waits to greet you and welcome you home.
Don’t worry if there is no tea and cookies.
Don’t worry if there is tea and cookies.
Go to the edges
where a dessert you never imagined
is longing for your tongue.

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