Dyad Communication Process

”You must speak straight so that your words may go
as sunlight to our hearts”

Cochise, Apache chief   (speaking to a US general about a peace settlement)

 There is soul nourishment that is exchanged when we meet face to face and heart to heart. With our fast paced, digital lives we almost forget we need it, but once we taste it we wonder how we live without it.

I know a simple Dyad Communication Process, a way to practice speaking from the heart openly and honestly, and of listening with full attentiveness and interest – the basic ground of all healthy relationship. It is a practice of creating a space within ourselves for another to enter.

The fruit of this practice can be carried over into all your relations – at home, with friends and at work.

Please call or email Joseph to find out when the next Dyad meeting or workshop will be. I am also available to offer private sessions for any two people who want to learn and practice the process.